Product Description

Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer

Large- Character LCD Display

High stability & accuracy

Humidity, Temperature, Clock

Indoor temperature display, indoor humidity display
Temperature unite c/f changeable
The memory of Max/Min value of temperature & Humidity
2 mods of time display 12h/24h
Clock & date display function, automatic exchanging in 5 seconds between clock and Date
Pointing function on each hour
Everyday Alarm function
Install an outdoor temperature sensor, automatically displays indoor & outdoor temperature alternately in 5 seconds (only for typical models)

3-1 Open battery compartment cover, take out the polarity insulator, put on the cover, then the meter start to work

3-2 Button Function:

[MODE] exchange display model of clock and alarm, set the current time, alarm, 12h/24h display, and date

[ADJ] adjust the value of what is under the setting