The body of the refractometer is designed with streamline shape. The internal is built with an optical glass lens. The wide cover plate guarantees the perfect match with the lens. The body is of high quality for being made of copper plating. The horizon is clearer for the upgrading of the lens.

1. The scale is clear with the imported lens.

2. The refractometer is delicate for being made of copper plating.

3. The measurement is more accurate with Automatic Temperature Compensation.

4. The body is mainly made of metal with silica gel cover.


Material: Metal + Plastic

Color: as shown in figure

Measuring range Sugar: 0-32%

Automatic temperature compensation (ATC): 10°C ~ 30°C (50°F to 86°F)


Step 1: Place a few drops of the liquid on the main prism.

Step 2:Cover the prism, look through the eyepiece against the light.

Step 3:Adjust the eyepiece to the clear state.

Step 4:You can read the result value on the scale.

Package Included

1 x Refractometer

1 x pipette

1 x instruction manual

1 x mini screwdriver