Product profile
Full automatic measuring instrument for flash point, mainly used for petroleum products Determination of flash point value, the instrument adopts ARM microprocessor technology, color LCD, resistive touch screen technology, Chinese menu, human-computer interaction more convenient; the instrument has the electricity storage function; instrument with automatic ignition, display, and print the results, automatic locking cooling function; the instrument has the advantages of accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable and reliable performance, simple operation. It is widely used in power, oil, chemical, commodity inspection, scientific research, and other departments, in line with the standard method requirements of ASTM D93 and GB/T 261-2008.

Functions and characteristics

The new high-speed digital signal processor has high reliability and high reliability;

The operation is simple, testing, opening, ignition, alarm, cooling, printing, and the whole measurement process is completed automatically;
two kinds of ignition modes are optional in platinum electric wire, electric ignition and gas ignition;
It can save the test results automatically, and can store 100 sets of data;
Automatic detection of atmospheric pressure and automatic correction of the results; The large screen color touch screen is easy to operate and convenient for human-computer dialogue; Adopting the new heating technology of high power and high frequency switching power supply, the heating efficiency is high, the adaptive PID control algorithm is adopted, the heating curve is automatically adjusted, the temperature exceeds the value, and the detection and alarm are stopped automatically.


Temperature measurement range

room temperature–400℃


≥110℃ ±2℃

≤110℃ ±1℃





supply voltage

AC 220 V ±10%

Power frequency

50 Hz ±2%


200 w

Working temperature


Relative humidity

<85 % RH Width x high x depth 435mm*345mm*280mm