Hotness measuring range: 0 to 300°C
Coolness measuring range: -50 to 0°C
High temperature measuring range
°Celsius and °Fahrenheit scale select-able
1.5 volt Button battery included
The memory of the last measure
This thermometer is a very useful tool for properly frying foods such as fish, potato chips, chicken nuggets, etc, because it has a high temperature measuring range of up to 0 to 300 degree Celsius whereas the non-digital or manual thermometers have short temperature measuring range that is only between 0 to 110 degree Celsius which is not enough to measure high oil temperatures for frying purpose. It is always necessary to maintain adequate oil temperatures for making crisp fried food. For example, if you want crispy fried fish then it is important to maintain oil temperature between 250 to 300 degrees Celsius otherwise you will never get the required results. If the oil temperature is below 250 degrees Celsius then the fried fish will not be crispy and of greasy texture. Similarly, if the oil temperature is higher than 300-degree centigrade then the fried fish will become dark brown from outside but will remain UN-cooked from inside. Similarly, if you want to make crispy potato chips then you better have to maintain oil temperature between 170 to 190 degrees Celsius. Therefore it is very wise to use this digital thermometer for proper cooking practice because it can detect temperature very precisely. Moreover, you can also measure freezing temperatures as well with this digital thermometer and it will be a good choice for indoor cooking and outdoor grilling! too The probe thermometer will make life more convenient, you deserve to have so much!