pH meter – yellow budget model – with manual calibration via screwdriver included.

Dip in pH7 solution to calibrate – all meters are checked and calibrated by our staff before leaving and come with a 6-month warranty.

pH meters must keep the probe moist. Keep the probe damp and put a cap on tightly.

If leaving the meter for any length of time making sure a few drops of water are in the cap and you keep the meter upright so the water cannot leak out of the cap.

Test your meter is accurate using a ph 7.0 solution every 2 weeks or every 10 tests. Adjust if necessary. Meters will drift as batteries drop in power as well as the probe ages. If it will not calibrate check batteries before returning to us as this often the issue. It is very easy to leave the meter on and the batteries will not last as long as they should. Double-check the meter is off before storing it.